About Us

Our Mission

We help businesses Thrive.

LBBS Group Inc. is a full service business consulting firm specializing in accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and administrative management as well as cost analysis services. LBBS professionals are focused on delivering timely services, by knowledgeable professionals who consistently maintain exceptional customer service practices. LBBS offers consulting services to all types of businesses and personal consumers however, the company’s sweet spot is in Construction, and working with Veterans.

LBBS strives to be an industry leader while also being an educational resource for all clients served.

Ladan Burroughs

Meet our Founder

LBBS Group,Inc.  was founded by Ladan Burroughs, who grew up in Tehran, Iran. Ladan moved to Santa Rosa in the 70’s during the Iranian revolution.  She studied bookkeeping in college and later worked her way up in the finance world and County jobs. Ladan has decades of experience and a deep knowledge of the challenges faced by businesses. She recognized a need within the small business community for knowledgeable and trustworthy service providers.

Ladan enjoys gardening, spending time with her children, studies self-development, is an avid reader and has a passion for uplifting and giving back to the community. Ladan’s commitment to give back to the community can be seen through her personal involvement of distributing essential items to the homeless and those less fortunate as well as donating to Christian organizations.

Recently, when asked why she decided to start her own firm, Ms. Burroughs responded, “I purchased an existing business so I could be my own boss and have more time for my kids,”. “It’s satisfying helping my clients solve problems every day and to offer them peace of mind.”


Office Manager/Administrative Services

Nicole brings an accelerated level of professionalism with 20+ years of administrative management dedication and project management experience. She utilizes her expertise for the betterment of our clients and their businesses.  Nicole will customize your service agreement/client contract.   She will be your point of contact for administrative/HR services.  She will help with your IRS and State filings from FBN, SOI, ERTC and even assist you with your workers comp insurance audits.


Lead Bookkeeper

Susanne is a dynamo!  She is our Head Bookkeeper and has earned a reputation for keeping a cool and calm demeanor under any circumstance.  Some have nicknamed her the “Ledger,” and she is someone you would appreciate in a high stress situation.  With that being said, Susanne is currently in both the Finance and Accounting programs at Sonoma State University and is an amazing numbers person. She has many years of background in professional tutoring, and is working on becoming a CPA, too. From payroll to bookkeeping and more, Susanne has been an integral part of LBBS. She cares greatly about not only our clients, but about doing the best we can to optimize their earnings, and she loves doing it!



Lena has over a decade of banking experience that she brings to our team.  She graduated from Dominican University with a BA in Business – Strategic management.  With her experience as an inventory manager, purchasing manager, background with HR and payroll she is an asset to our team. Lena grew up in west Marin and has lived in Petaluma for 15 years.  Fun fact Lena currently has her Real Estate Brokers License CA DRE #01963922


Payroll Specialist

Leah is our Payroll Specialist.  She has a background in payroll and client relations. While she is not administering payroll and being an active member of LBBS, she is actively involved in local nonprofit organizations serving homeless and drug addicts as well as sex trafficking and domestic violence victims. She also teaches Sunday school. Additionally, Leah is married, and her mother-in-law is a New York Times best-selling author of Christian books. If you happen to be lucky enough to speak with her, she has a great story about the time she met Bill Gates.


Payroll Support

Debbie is a great asset to the team and has been with us since the start of the business. Because of her detailed background in the industry, she is responsible for handling all the payroll tax returns for all our clients and invoicing clients.

You focus on doing the things you love most in  your business… we’ll take care of the rest.  

Client Testimonial

“Ladan has done our payroll since she bought CanDo Payroll. Ladan was so reliable when our business grew and we needed help with bookkeeping and accounting we turned to her. Ladan and her associates are extremely responsive, helpful and insightful in setting up systems for our business that don’t fit the mold.”

Farmer Elizabeth, Santa Rosa, CA